One wrong turn – guest blog

Written by James Beetham – Adventure and stunning scenery where you would least expect it! On a family day out, quite accidentally we took a wrong turn and ended up on a narrow country lane in a quiet little spot called Cwmystradllyn. Curiosity made me keep driving and that curiosity was rewarded when we stumbled upon a derelict old slate mill that to our delight was safe to wander around with railings to protect from the dangerous elements, and a plaque explaining the history of the building – not that we needed the plaque to tell us all about it……Our 8 year old son then took it on himself to educate us and tell us how he thought it would have worked, he said it with enough enthusiasm for us to believe him! Such a great photo opportunity, as impressive close up as it is from a distance!!!

Only a few hundred yards around the corner, we arrived at the most beautiful lake. Rumour has it that two farms were flooded many moons ago, creating this fabulous lake and you cannot help imagine what lies beneath. Complete with picnic tables, we could have spent hours lazing the afternoon away. Peace and tranquility with only the local sheep to break the silence, we sat whilst the little one skimmed stones across the water shimmering in the sunlight. The only mistake he made, was to splash me with icy cold water – Revenge is a dish best served cold!

All in all, the best wrong turn I have ever taken. I will be revisiting with a picnic in tow very soon. If this has inspired you to find more places to visit why not view