Nant Gwrtheyrn – Lleyn Peninsula

There are some beautiful places to visit on the Lleyn Penninsula. Nant Gwerthreyrn is a Welsh Heritage and Language Centre, a magical place in a former quarrying village on the North Coast. The views are breathtaking!  Free of charge, visitors can enjoy the Heritage Centre Brook and see the displays about the Welsh language and culture, the history of the village and the unique wildlife of this stunning coastal valley and beach. Visitors can also walk around the quarrymen’s period cottage, still laid out as though it is 1910. Whilst there, visit Meinir’s tree – the symbolic tree where Meinir was trapped according to folklore. Meinir & Rhys were childhood sweethearts who grew up together in Nant Gwertheryrn, and their friendship blossomed over the years into love. Their favourite spot was under the old Oak tree. They decided to get married. The local tradition was for the bride to to embark on a wedding quest whereby on the morning of the wedding she would run away and wait to to be found. The big day came so Meinir headed off for the hills to hide. Rhys and his friends searched frantically for her but could not find her anywhere, searching for months. Then one stormy night, Rhys took shelter under the old Oak tree which was then struck by lightening and split into two, revealing the skeleton & wedding dress of his bride to be! Allegedly, two ghostly figures have been spotted walking hand in hand on the beach.!

There is a network of paths, varying in ease and distance, in and around the valley  – including the Wales Coastal Path itself. Dogs are welcome to Nant Gwertheyrn along the walks and outside spaces, however not allowed inside the buildings unfortunately.

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