Penmon Dovecote, Penmon

It is thought that Sir Richard Bulkeley built the Dovecote standing near the Priory in about 1600 to keep domestic pidgeons for their eggs and meat. It is most likely that once upon a time, there would have been a rotating ladder on a pillar in the middle from the ground to the roof for accessing over 1000 nesting boxes!

Penmon Priory, close by, was once a wooden building built by the 10th century as St Seriols Monastary, however was rebuilt when vikings raided in 971 and destroyed the church. It was rebuilt throughout the 12th century under the rule of Gruffudd ap Cynan and Owain Gwynedd. Originally a three story building, it is now roofless, however is thought to be the most intact building of its age in North West Wales! Eventually, the land fell into the hands of the Bulkeleys who used it as a deer park, however the church remained used as a church. Definately worth a taking a nosy if you are interested in architecture, history or just looking for a nice walk with fabulous things to see as you wander. The beach with its fabulous lighthouse is just a little further on so you will be rewarded!

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